Blocked Drain Cleaning

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Blocked Drain Cleaning in York, PA

Blocked drains in your home could be a tremendous inconvenience. It brings up a problem not many homeowners know how to fix. That’s when it is time to turn to the plumbing professionals at Wilbur Henry. Before we even come to your home, one of our friendly customer service associates will ask you some simple questions so that we can get the proper help you need. Here is a look at some of the common problems that call for drain cleaning:

Water in the Basement

Our experts will determine whether the problem is coming from a blocked sewer or the main line. We will run a test with the use of an auger to check and see if tree roots are getting in the way of your water pipes. This is a routine problem that can be fixed by our team of experts. After your problem is fixed, we can also keep tree roots from coming back with the use of copper based material in your pipes. A clogged sewer line won’t need to worry you again.

Garbage Disposal Backups

It’s not uncommon for garbage disposals to back up and cause problems. When a garbage disposal runs, extra water should be run to flush what you have just ground up. Just because it disappeared down the sink does not mean it is gone. There needs to be an ample amount of water to carry it out of the sink line. If that does not happen, a garbage disposal can become clogged.

Grease can also build up and cause problems in garbage disposals. Grease solidifies as it cools down inside of pipes. Many times, grease will get halfway down the drain and then starts to solidify. When that happens, running hot water will not do the trick.

Washer Machine Clogs

Using the wrong amounts of soap in a washing machine could result in an eventual blocked drain pipe. New washing machines require less soap and a continual overloading of soap could cause issues. Always be leery of what kind of soap goes into your washing machine. If there is a problem, one of our service technicians can be provide a quick fix to this common occurrence.

Smaller Sink Lines

Many sink lines are 1.5 inches in size, although 2-inch sink lines are recommended. Smaller sink lines will become clogged more often and demand more frequent cleaning by a professional. Keep in mind that 1.5-inch sink lines need to be flushed very well to avoid clogs.

At Wilbur Henry, we provide solutions that work. If a blocked drain cannot be cleaned and needs replacing, we can complete that entire process. If the pipe runs from the house to the street, it would have to be dug up in order to be replaced. That would also require a plumbing permit. All of that can be handled by our experienced team of plumbers.

We can narrow down your problem over the phone and start saving you money by knowing exactly how many technicians to dispatch to your home. We will work with you right away to find the best and most affordable drain repair solution.